Sunday, June 19, 2011

God has us where he wants us...

As I read from the Message, Ephesians 2:7 +, that "Now God has us where he wants us...", I was caught off guard. So much comes to my mind as I read this...God has us where he wants us...or does He have us where He wants us... Is where I am right now really where God wants me?... and I kept trying to wrap my head around this thought.

I tried to unwrap what Paul was saying and found some success. Paul mentions three specifics that indicate the "where" that He wants us: alive in Christ (regeneration), realization of a "raised up" life (living in Resurrection power), and participation in His divine nature (now and not just later). Well, ok, now that makes more sense. If I am enveloped in these three areas, then He does have me where He wants me.

BUT WAIT...THAT'S NOT ALL (sounds like an infomercial, doesn't it),He has me right where He wants me for a purpose. That purpose is that I can be an exhibition of His favor (His incomparable riches of grace). In every aspect of my life, I can be a display of His grace and favor.

Ok, then, maybe I am not where He wants me this is challenging. I understand what the where is, now I have to get my life in tune with the where so I can be a trophy of His grace...for all to see.

When you see a trophy from far away, you notice first the figurine or emblem that identifies the reason for the trophy first. Only upon closer examination can you read the inscription at the bottom. Remember the same is true of our lives, what people see from a distance is what draws(or repels) them to read the fine print of our lives. We are (intended to be) His workmanship, on display for Him & His glory!

Shine this week!

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think about it all. The where, the why, the when, for what. Gods Word always can touch the deepest parts. It is sharper than a 2 edged sword. His Word shines far, wide, deep and near all at the same time.