Monday, June 13, 2011

the deposit...a little something-something

As Christ followers we are sealed with the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is also the deposit guaranteeing our inheritance. In a previous post, I listed an alphabet of who the Bible says the Holy Spirit is and how He can work in our lives. With all this list of who He is and what He does, He is just a deposit. A deposit is earnest money...a pledge, an assurance of what is to come. It's not even the down payment. It's just a little something-something for what's coming. When you think about that, what is coming later is really amazing.

get your deposit on... In Ephesians 1...this deposit is also referred to as our Spirit of wisdom and Spirit of revelation... Now that's a deposit worth having. In fact, Paul prayed that we would know this "incomparable" power... with all this in mind, we should get and stay connected to the deposit and be excited about what is to come... after all He's just a deposit...

if you sit where you've always sat, you're not gonna go where you need to get... in other words you've got to get sealed, and recognize you have on deposit a guarantee of your inheritance.

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