Monday, November 16, 2009

mondays w/ mike: yesterdays, todays & future days...

yesterdays are not today. they have influenced our today but do not have to control our today. yesterdays are good and yesterdays may be bad; one thing for certian, they are yesterday. yesterday has come and yesterday has gone and yesterday will not be back again. yesterday is what was, it does not have to be what is. we can be thankful for all our yesterdays because they taught us and rewarded us.

but today is another story. today is uncharted territory. we have never been here before. today is unblemished, no mistakes are already here. today is upon us. today can be good and today can be bad, we will not know until today is done. we should choose to make the most of today, for we will learn from it and be rewarded by it. we should live today with a "no regrets" theme, because it will influence our future days. if we offer our todays to God, they will become awesome yesterdays that we will reflect upon as the moments that made our future days really incredible.

our future days have the greatest potential. our yesterdays and todays can help to make our future days better than all the others combined. our future days when in the hand of God, will be more than we could ever make them.

Or we could just make the most of every opportunity! (Ephesians 5:16)

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