Friday, September 4, 2009

friday night lights...

tonight begins a new era in football history. my oldest son starts as a quarterback for his high school varsity football team. he is only a sophomore and is in a new school. no one knows the outcome of the game, season or his high school career. the only thing we can be certain of is how much we can give of our self to the success of our moment.

God calls us to "make the most of every opportunity" and to do whatever we do to honor Him! He will guide and guard us. He will direct and develop us. He will equip and empower us. We just need to give Him our best, our very best!

it's often the small moments in our life when we offer our best, even when no one else notices, that history is made. it starts a process that produces more than we ever realized would happen when we just offer our best. the moment may move a mountain. let's just try it and see what happens!

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