Monday, June 15, 2009

Can "U" c it?

God can see things we cannot see. He can teach us to see things through faith in Him that we cannot normally see. Let me give you some examples.
In the story of those who were sent to spy out the promised land, ten of the spies saw a land too large to conquer, but Caleb and Joshua saw a God too good to allow for failure. (Numbers 13)
In the story of David taking on the fight with Goliath, the Israelite army (including David's brothers and King Saul) saw a giant too big to fight, and David saw a giant too big to miss. (I Samuel 17)
In Jesus' encounter with Pharisees after healing a crippled woman, the religious leaders saw their traditions being trampled (with this healing on the Sabbath) and their influence being minimized. Jesus saw an opportunity to give mercy and healing. (Luke 13:14)
In the story of the the crippled beggar being healed at the gate to the temple, the beggar saw only status quo for his day, but Peter and John saw a new beginning for his life. (Acts 3:4-5)

These are just a few of the incredible examples God gives us in the Word to help us to see things differently. He wants us to see through eyes of faith in Him! By the way, He sees things in you that you don't see yet either!

Romans 9:20-26
"Who in the world do you think you are to second-guess God? Do you for one moment suppose any of us knows enough to call God into question? Clay doesn’t talk back to the fingers that mold it, saying, “Why did you shape me like this?” Isn’t it obvious that a potter has a perfect right to shape one lump of clay into a vase for holding flowers and another into a pot for cooking beans? If God needs one style of pottery especially designed to show his angry displeasure and another style carefully crafted to show his glorious goodness, isn’t that all right? Either or both happens to Jews, but it also happens to the other people. Hosea put it well:
I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies;
I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.
In the place where they yelled out, “You’re nobody!”
they’re calling you “God’s living children.
Peterson, Eugene H.: The Message : The Bible in Contemporary Language.

Ask Him to let you see something He sees today!

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Joe Trementozzi said...

Thank you Mike!! That is a great and timely Word for those who are among the weakest of the weak and for those who are considered strong. I mean this with all my heart - it truly is great to be considered your friend. I pray blessings upon you and your wonderful family.